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K-Rain Universal Rain Sensor

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Optimize Watering Efficiency with Rain/Freeze and Rain Sensors

Achieve Smart Water Management

Are you tired of wasting water and money on unnecessary irrigation? Introducing the Rain/Freeze and Rain Sensors, the ultimate solution to transform your irrigation controller into an expert water manager. With advanced technology, these sensors efficiently suspend watering during rain and/or freeze periods, ensuring optimal watering practices and significant savings.

Unparalleled Convenience and Value for the End User

The Ultimate Wireless Rain-Freeze Sensor

When it comes to rain sensors, the K-Rain® wireless rain-freeze sensor (model 3208-WRFS) stands out from the competition. It not only provides superior performance but also offers additional value to the end user by pairing with multiple K-Rain PRO EX 2.0 Wifi enabled controllers within range.

Wired Rain Sensors for Closed Circuit Timers

The Perfect Companion for Closed Circuit Timers

If you prefer a wired rain sensor solution for your closed circuit timers, we have you covered. Our wired rain sensors are designed to work seamlessly with closed circuit timers, offering enhanced water management capabilities.

The Rain/Freeze and Rain Sensors – Efficient Water Management | K-Rain